St. Paul's Episcopal Church Bremerton

About St. Paul's


St. Paul’s is a diverse, spirited, welcoming family of faith. St. Paul’s identifies itself as  an open church. By this we mean that all persons are welcome to come and be part of this community wherever they are in their spiritual journey.. We seek to be a safe place for skeptics and doubters as well as for convicted believers.


   We are an inclusive church in which people from many backgrounds have found common ground. We are a diverse community who have discovered in God a oneness greater in significance than our differences. Like so many, we have come to know that our variety reflects the divine comprehensiveness of the God of all created things.






We seek Christ and celebrate the mystery of God's love for all.

We are progressive Christians in an open, inclusive and affirming community of faith.

We provide a safe harbor for everyone on their spiritual journey.

We endeavor to bring God's presence to a world in need.