‘Forty Days and Forty Nights. Tempted, and Yet Undefiled’ 🎼




On the Way to Bethlehem:
A Godly Play Story for the First Sunday of Advent

An Angel Visits Mary and Joseph:
A Godly Play Story for the Second Sunday of Advent

The Shepherds Are Also On Their Way to Bethlehem:
A Godly Play Video for the Third Sunday in Advent

They Knew It Was a Star for a Newborn King:
A Godly Play Video for the Fourth Sunday in Advent

A Message About St. Paul’s and Our Stewardship Drive

Thanks for participating in the All-Saints’ Sunday Eucharist!

Please join us for online Eucharist each Sunday morning at 10. Our church is closed right now but are people are deployed in the community and we are planning for return when it’s safe.