‘… A Safe Space for Everyone on Their Spiritual Journey …’

We need your help.

Soon we will put together our budget for this year, a little later than usual because of the COVID-19 pandemic. And we need to know how much money we can expect.

If you have made your pledge for this year, thank you! If you have not yet, please do so as soon as possible. Below, you can download a pledge form and mail or e-mail it to the church office.

This new year will be one of great hope and change. The vaccines are here and if all goes well St. Paul’s will be able to re-open. What a great time that will be, with God’s help and blessing.

But we have a lot of challenges. We need to re-open safely, and we need to find ways to continue to stream our services so people can participate if they don’t feel comfortable returning to in-person worship.

We need to find ways to continue one of our great missions: Providing space to local organizations who serve our community. How will accomplish given the changes brought by the pandemic.And of course we need to continue moving forward with our vision:

“O God, help us to be progressive Christians in an open, inclusive and affirming community of faith
“O Jesus, guide us in providing a safe harbor for everyone on their spiritual journey.O Holy Spirit be with us in our endeavors to bring God’s presence into our world in need.”

Thank you for your support!
In Christ
Richard Horn
Stewardship co-chair

My primary allegiance is to Jesus Christ.
My primary flag is the cross
It is, for me, not about politics, but instead about the Gospel.

— Bishop Gregory Rickel

‘With malice toward none, with charity toward all. With firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right…’

A message from Presiding Bishop Michael Curry.




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A Message About St. Paul’s and Our Stewardship Drive

Thanks for participating in the All-Saints’ Sunday Eucharist!

Please join us for online Eucharist each Sunday morning at 10. Our church is closed right now but are people are deployed in the community and we are planning for return when it’s safe.